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Ambient Reality FX (ARFX) is a new dimension in visual splendor for Game Enthusiasts, PC Modders, Media Center and Casual PC users. The innovative ARFX software analyses the screen and creates a pure projection of the main color onto the surrounding walls using high-intensity high-efficiency LED light strips.

This amazing system comes with free Real Time Text-to-Color Empathic Translation, free Virtual Color Landscapes, free Visual Alerts for System Tray events, free Cutting Edge heat-fire-smoke Artificial Recognition for movies and games, and a free Code Generator and free samples for developers who wish to control the system from their own C++, C#, VB or Dark-BASIC applications.

Once you experience the wonders of ambient reality effects in Games and Movies, you will find it hard to ever go back to dull, cold, and static surroundings. Virtual Surroundings, Explosions, Light Effects and more will come to life all around you!

The system is perfectly engineered for Peak Efficiency, taking virtually no CPU cycles away, and the end results are stunning. Ongoing development and totally free updates provide you with the confidence you will receive the latest product features, and ongoing improvements, to keep your ambient reality experience at its best.
ARFX brings the LED benefits of energy-efficient performance to mainstream desktop computing, and is fully integrated with Microsoft Energy Star power savings. It also provides full support for connecting industry standard DMX hardware for large scale massive light systems and effects.

Download the Free Demo, and get immediate access to all features and functionality. Experience ARFX today!