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Smartbytes Innovates Gaming Market with New Artificial Scene Recognition Effects

Introducing three new standard ambient reality effects for PC gaming peripherals

Enschede, The Netherlands (July 30, 2007) Smartbytes, designer and developer of Ambient Reality FX (ARFX), the world's first ambient light system for PC gaming, today announced the availability of its new Artificial Scene Recognition (ASR) for Movies and Games.

Popular ambient light effects for PC Games and PC Modding, is taken to the next level in a way that no other PC Peripheral provider has done before. The new ASR system features a fully autonomous, fully independent, astounding AI sensing of heat, fire, and smoke in movies and games.

The independently developed cutting edge ASR system analyse movies and 3D games on screen contents in real time, sensing for presence of heat, fire, and smoke. The algorithms developed emphasis our commitment to high efficiency and Low CPU utilization, in par with our world's best ambient color screen analysis.

The ASR is part of our unified architecture, supporting industry standard DMX for large scale theme park entertainment and simulator installations, as well as DIY hardware for user desktops or stand alone arcade cabinet environments.

"We've today stretched the boundaries of ambient reality effects once again, bringing the PC gaming community cutting edge real life gaming experience," said Bjorn Mutter, President of Smartbytes.

Features of Smartbytes ASR include:

- effect sensitivity ranging at 0 to 100
- support for standard DMX devices
- fully selectable DMX channel
- DMX multichannel broadcasting capability
- fully integrated within A-R-E Unified Architecture
- virtually no load on gaming PC CPU when active
- free for ARFX customers

The ASR will allow gamers to send in-game auto-detected heat, fire, and smoke effects to their FX hardware of choice. The user may select the FX channel/s the effect is sent over, or choose no effects at all.

This cutting edge new AI module is made available free for ARFX customers, showing our ongoing strive and commitment to provide games and multimedia enthusiasts with the world best Ambient Reality FX experience.

The ASR module is available for download today, as part of ARFX release 2.51.0 at the A-R-E download section.

For more information on Ambient Reality FX , or the ASR module, please visit

About Smartbytes.
The Netherlands-based SmartBytes develops, manufactures and markets the next generation of virtual reality and gaming peripheral technologies that enable a new level of immersion for PC multimedia and game enthusiasts. Smartbytes' line of peripherals enhances the gaming experience, immersion, and ultimately raises the overall entertainment satisfaction. Smartbytes is headquartered in Enschede, The Netherlands . For more information, visit the web site at

Download this press release as PDF file here.