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General Product Info

SmartBytes introduces ARFX; Ambient Reality FX for a brand new dimension in visual splendor. ARFX is a highly compact product designed to control several LED lights (Light Emitting Diode), or Special Effect devices. The innovative ARFX software analyses the screen and creates a pure projection of the main color onto the surrounding walls. The lights can be placed conveniently in the area behind a computer or television screen. The software operates in real time, so the LED projected color changes in sync with the movie you watch, the game you play, or the website you visit

ARFX is the world first interactive lighting system that can be operated on any monitor, and is compatible with virtually any Windows application. From e-mail to PowerPoint, from Photoshop to games, ARFX brings more color and light into your life. It is a novelty product, which opens all sorts of perspectives and new possibilities for interior decoration, home theater, relaxation or cutting edge entertainment.

We design our products with focus on high quality, usability, and user friendliness and we constantly work to bring further enhancements and functionalities for every day use. For your convenience, register to our periodic newsletter to learn more about upcoming new features and special effect devices.

Package Contents
ARFX USB Interface
ARFX Software License
USB Cable
power supply 12V
LED systems are available in several configurations.

Software Included
ARFX (Ambient Reality FX) Application - screen analysis, manual color pick, light waves, and artificial scene recognition (ASR)
ARFX Color maps to compensate for wall colors
ARFX INSPIRO - empathic text-to-color translator
ARFX DESKTOPIA - color landscapes for while working with mouse
ARFX PULSAR - visual alerts for email and other system tray events
ARFX SDK, including Color FX Code Autogeneration for C++, C#, VB6, DarkBASIC
ARFX ThinGUI (incl. Source Code)
ARFX Manual
ARFX Profiles

Product specifications
The life cycle of the custom RGB LED strips provided with ARFX is approximately 30,000 hours. This means that with average usage, the LEDís on the light strip provide optimal quality in lighting for a period of ten years, even with a continuous use of eight hours a day!

USB Converter
- High quality aluminum casing.
- Compact design.
- Easy and flexible installation options.
- Green activity LED indicator.
- Input: 5-24VDC
- Output: 6x 5-24VDC PWM ports (2x RJ45)

Hardware requirements
P4 @1000mHz or better
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7
15MB free HD space
One free USB port
ARFX starter package
optional: TV/Video capture card (only when to be used with a normal TV setup)

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