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1) Do I have to connect ARFX to my PC?
Yes. The ARFX hardware must be connected to a PC via USB, with ARFX software installed on the PC to control the USB hardware and LED light strips.

2) Is ARFX an Ambilight clone?
The ARFX concept is not an Ambilight clone. ARFX was developed long before Ambilight and takes a much wider approach, enabling more comprehensive range of options and implementations. It was developed with PC in mind, providing for much more than just a "standalone colour wall washer" for your TV. We recommend you download and try ARFX v.3 to see what we mean - it's free and fun to try.

3) Can I use ARFX as Ambilight for my PC Games or HTPC Media Player?
Yes. ARFX surpasses Ambilight in performance and gives you a wider range of options, control and flexibility to setup and use your gear and lights.

4) Do you also sell standalone versions of ARFX to connect to TV without PC?
No. ARFX was developed with PC users in mind.

5) How many LED strips come with the product?
This depends on the package you purchase and is indicated at the particular products info page. For LED strip options visit this page.

6) How many LED strips do I need?
PC Package B (2x50cm) is most suitable for placement behind screens of up to 30"; other typical configurations can be found at our products Quickshop.

7) How many LED strips can I connect to the system? what is the maximum length of each LED strip?
Each ARFX USB Interface supports two LED strips, and you can connect up to 10 ARFX USB Interfaces for a total of 20 distinct Ambient Lighting zones.

Each zone can also be configured to reflect Ambient Lighting, a user selected static color, or a light wave.

Each one of the two ARFX USB outputs support LED strips of 20cm to 2 meters in length. NOTE - connecting more than 2 meters LED strip to a single output will damage the unit and void your warranty.

The DMX version supports a virtually unlimited number of LED RGB light sources (special power supply and DMX hardware is required). You can map the 20 distinct Ambient Lighting zones to any of DMX channels 1 through 256.

8) Is ARFX supported under Microsoft Vista and Windows 7?
Yes. ARFX runs under Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

A working and available USB port is required.

9) Are there any drivers available for Mac OS X, or Linux?
Yes. But although hardware drivers exist for these operating systems, the ARFX software currently only runs under Microsoft Windows. For any other OS, you need to write your own software to control the hardware.

Download the Linux code example for ARFX here

10) I want to install the system under Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition, is it possible?
While not officially supported, this should work if USB drivers are installed and other standard USB devices were proven to be fully functional.

11) The cable that connects the LEDs to USB Interface Output is not as long as I would like. Is there any way to extend the cable?
Yes, using standard RJ45 cable and splitters, you can extend and make connections longer than the ones provided in the package.

12) Does ARFX work with multiple monitor systems?
Yes. ARFX supports up to 9 different monitors. You can either select a single screen from your Dual or Multiple monitor setting, or use the Frame feature to create a virtual screen reading area across several screens (Screen Spanning mode).

13) Where can I download the latest software version?
You can find a fully functional demo here.

14) Will the software be ported to Xbox 360 or PS2/3?
There are no plans to port the software, for a reason we currently do not have control over - both Microsoft and Sony have proprietary USB drivers loaded on the game consoles, which do not recognize standard USB devices like the one used in ARFX.

The only way to hook up the ARFX hardware to an Xbox is by running Xbox_LINUX and writing your own software to control the hardware.

If you still would like to get your game console connected to ARFX, a simple workaround is to simultaneously also feed your game console video signal into a PC/Laptop equipped with a TV tuner. With ARFX installed and running on the PC/Laptop, this will give access to the game video and allow for "game console ambient effects".

15) Which ARFX package is best for me?
For most users, the ARFX Package B will be the right starters choice. This and all other packages are easy to expand by connecting extra LED strips and/or USB modules.

The only difference between the PC packages is the length of the included LED strips and number of included USB modules.

For the professional light industry, we recommend the ARFX DMX version. It uses a USB DMX interface that outputs the ambient lighting data into standard DMX512 protocol. Great for dance floors, theatres, DJ's or music concerts where large screen displays and 3-channel RGB DMX control is being used.

16) Is the product easy to set up?
Yes, installing the product can be done in 5-10 minutes. Simply tape the self-adhesive flexible RGB LED strips, connect the LED strips to the USB interface, connect USB and power cables, run the ARFX software setup application, and start the installed ARFX application. Lights on!

If you encounter any problems during the installation, we are ready to support you at any time.

17) Where can I learn more about the many features of your product?
You can download the fully functional application and try all features for yourself, or join us on our Forum, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or browse this website.

18) I love your product and would like to contribute !
We always appreciate receiving product enhancement suggestions for future releases of both the hardware and software, happily add your ARFX pictures at the user's Pictures Gallery, and be delighted to receive a customer review (select "write a review" at the bottom of any of the product pages).

You can also Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Contribute on Google Code, Connect with us on YouTube, or Join our Forum.

Connect with us directly from within the ARFX application - download it today and join the ambient lighting movement!

19) Can I become a reseller of your product?
Most definitely. Resellers and wholesalers are welcomed !

20) What hardware does the ARFX application support?
The application supports the following USB Interfaces
a) ARFX USB Interface
c) DMX4ALL SP-MK2 USB Interface
d) Arduino USB Interface

If you are interested in getting ARFX to support a hardware of your choice, please contact us to discuss.

21) Can I get the application for free?
Yes - if you own an Arduino board, you can download and use ARFX v3.08.0 for free

22) Can I use your hardware without the ARFX application?
Yes - the Smartbytes USB Interface provides six PWM outputs supporting loads of 12V/2A each. You can use the free VB.Net PWM example on the Google Code page to drive your own DIY projects.

23) How do I contact you?
Contact us by email from within the ARFX application, or via our website

24) Are these all the FAQ you have available? because I have a question which is not listed here...
Yup, these are all the FAQ available on this page, but for more information or questions you can always visit our Forum.