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Developers & OEM

ARFX for Developers and OEM solutions.

Software and Game Developers.
Game developers can easily integrate support for ARFX into their game by using the included are_api.dll

The "SDK Console" which comes with ARFX allows to experiment with color effects, and auto-generate lines of code in C++, C#, VB and DarkBASIC, for immediate inclusion into your game under development.

Simple DLL calls (are_api.dll) can be used to set:

- fixed output color (16.7 million colors)
- two colors transition
- light wave in four pre set spectrum's
- automatic synchronized screen analysis

Sample in-game color maps ARFX can self analyze in real time to deduct output color:

Sample color map you may alternatively perform look up on to select output color based on player x,y location on game level:

Alternatives to above come in the form of color maps. For example, a 2D color map can be created, matching the 2D/3D game board or game space; the (x,y),z) of player location can be used to perform lookup on the 2D color map to select ambient output color.

Another option is to convert the color map into auto-played color streams. These can be invoked upon in-game events or player actions, and may be 2D or 1D; for example, color output based on 2D movement on below 2D color map:

Or a sweep along below 1D stream.

Both of these color map concepts are demonstrated in the included "Desktopia for ARFX".

PC Mods/Transparent Cases, and Arcade Coin-Op Industries
The ARFX system can be seamlessly integrated into any PC Case, or on a larger scale - to provide interactive illumination inside and around an Arcade coin-op cabinet or simulator.

On an even larger scale, the affordable DMX version of ARFX allows for illuminating simulator rooms, or arcade halls - with all the excitement and glory of interactive ambient effects.

ARFX has a very small footprint, low power consumption, very low power dissipation thanks to use of multicolor LED's, and a simple cabling system using standard connectors.

Control and Automation Systems
ARFX can be easily interfaced with observation, control and monitoring systems, to provide color alerts or indicators which draw attention easily.

On a Windows based control system, this can be achieved by using the included "PULSAR Event Notifications for ARFX". It's as easy as adding the application to monitor, selecting an alert trigger and alert attributes.

Music Events, DJ Scene and Stage Setting

ARFX has a native support for music visualization using an realtime synchronized screen analysis, and via the low cost standard DMX interface can be used to drive music event light effects of virtually any scale.

Robotics, Art and the Contemporary Home
Whether it is a talking robot, a cutting edge control system in research, or a virtual museum, ARFX can easily be brought into use.
Examples include the provided:
- "INSPIRO for ARFX", which performs empathic text to color translation.
- "Desktopia for ARFX" can be used to load images of masterpiece paintings, and while displaying them on plasma or LCD screens, also provide a representing stream of color projections around the display.

Media PC home entertainment center installations can come to life with surround light, or home security system events be accompanied with meaningful color alerts. Other uses for ARFX can go as far as the imagination.