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SmartBytes specializes in Custom VR (Virtual Reality) solutions. We are a design shop for innovative products for computers, television and the convergence of these two worlds. Furthermore, we provide direct sales of various VR products to consumers through our online shop at Since the founding in 2001, the company has grown to be well known and respected in the world of Games, 3D Stereoscopy and Virtual Reality. Because our consumer-sales go through the internet, our overhead costs are low, and our customers can benefit from very competitive prices. We enable novelties to become within reach for everyone. Moreover, SmartBytes is a venture that thrives on a simple guideline: we do what we say, and the customer is king.

LED Lights
Included in the basic ARFX package is a single LED strip, to be placed behind your monitor or television. Depending on where you attach the strip and the size of your screen, the strip creates an even projection on the background. In case you have a larger monitor – or to create an even more impressive projection surface – you can extend the package to a maximum of four strips. The life cycle of the custom strips used by SmartBytes is approximately 30.000 hours; which means that with average usage, the LED’s on the light strip provide optimal quality in lighting for a period of ten years, even with continuous operation of eight hours a day!

Each strip contains ten Multi color RGB LED light sources, spaced at intervals of 0,1 inch from each other, and projecting at full 110 degrees. The combined light from these quality LED’s comes to life in the most pure,
intense and real life projection possible, and with no false color leaks. The powerful light output and the vivid colors simply make the walls sparkle.

Real time
Real time analysis of on screen contents for the purpose of projecting a color impression is a revolutionary concept; it takes the experience of simply watching a scene, to a sense of being engulfed by it. With ARFX every monitor comes to life; the interchanging speed of images in a movie, adventure game, or an animated website, all get accompanied by a new dimension of dynamic, soothing, fascinating or impressive feeling. ARFX keeps pace with those scene and color changes effortlessly, and in sync with virtually any given speed. The projection explodes from the wall into the living room, submerging the viewer in a visual experience that is posed to capture the senses.

Interactive lighting system
ARFX is the first interactive lighting system on the market, which not only operates on almost any screen, but also works with virtually every Windows application. You can use the RGB light strips that emanate the projected color in three different modes – Manual, Automatic or Interactive.

With the Manual or Automatic modes you project a self-selected color, or a seamless transition between several colors self-changing at a user selected speed of choice. So even without the interaction with a screen contents or
moving images, ARFX is a designer tool that allows you to emphasize the tints of your home. It can create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner, overflow your room in sunshine like light on a grey winter morning, or take part of your lighting design in a neutral shade. Endless possibilities with the very parts of the system that aren’t new.

The Interactive mode, on the other hand, is revolutionary. SmartBytes was already designing its independent system when the first (unaffordable) televisions with built-in ambient light were launched at the end of 2004. While these televisions project an average of the screen color, ARFX offers much more, for less. ARFX consists of high quality RGB light strips, a USB interface, an easy-to-use data and power cabling system, and the ARFX software package.
The software is versatile, with numerous user options, and comes with a clear extensive manual, which guides you in selecting your personal preferences

Color and light
Light is good for us. A healthy dose of daylight works miracles for our mood and energy levels. Studies in North European countries, which have to go without very much daylight for most of the year, show that the lack of light can be a cause for lifelessness and even depressions. But the amount of light one requires is personal, so even in countries with four defined seasons some people feel uncomfortable in wintertime. ARFX literally brightens ánd colors your life, for without light there are no colors.

Just like light, colors have a feel to them, a certain undeniable atmosphere. The emotions and science of colors, were extensively studied by the famous scientists Johann Wolfgang Goethe and Isaac Newton. The discovery of the ‘particle theory’ by Newton, which he described in his ‘Opticks’, clashed with the more human approach that Goethe presented in his renowned work ‘Farbenlehre’. Goethe had a pantheistic view on life; he saw the world as a perfect unity of parts, which evolved from a God like being, something elusive. Newtons particle theory undisputedly proved that light is not white, but comprises of colored parts that show when light breaks. A German professor by the name of Johannes Itten combined the findings of both in his ‘seven contrasts’. He used the factual workings of the clarity, brightness and intensity of colors, as well as their emotional value.

Blue is the coldest color. A blue surface appears to be farther from you than it actually is and the color is very serene.
Red fits in with the warmest colors of the spectrum. A dynamic color, that arouses energy, makes the blood flow faster and actually makes you feel physically warmer.
Green is soothing and neutral. No other color has such a distinct difference in artificial and natural color.
Orange combines warmth and light within itself. At sunset, it casts a glow on people, buildings and nature, that makes the world more attractive. The sunset is such a popular and romantic time of the day, and for a reason.
Yellow is friendly. Orange can enhance that agreeable atmosphere.

White is not a real color but the combination of an equal amount of Red, Blue and Green.
White can be very comforting on one hand and very cold on the other.

Interior decorating
The utilization areas of ARFX, with strips that can be placed randomly and that project in Manual as well as Automatic and Interactive mode, are numerous. With this lighting system you have a designer tool, entertainment, relaxation and revolutionary image experiences depending on how you choose to utilize the system. Interior decorating may be trend conscious; every interior has its own charm. Color preferences are very personal and with the complete spectrum of 16 million colors at your disposal, variety to satisfy any taste is guaranteed.

Home cinema experience
A movie aims to lift the viewer off his feet, into a different world that temporarily becomes reality. In a pitch black room the image comes to life with the highest possible light - and color intensity. An overwhelming experience for your eyes and ears, today’s quality home cinema dazzles your sight, hearing, and the mind. ARFX can be referred to as the Dolby Digital 5.1 for the eyes. Smartbytes is already working on several system expansions to extend on utility options. Our motto is ‘perfection through continuous improvement’.

Research shows that, in the opinion of many, a television or computer surrounded with extra light contributes to a more relaxing viewing experience due to the remarkable improvement in contrasts and intensity of the colors. The nerves and muscles around the eyes get more rest and your level of concentration rises.

The entertainment value of this automatic lighting system is obvious. The revolutionary light experience adds a fourth dimension to every room. With the Manual and Automatic mode you can create any atmosphere you want - a beautiful and simple to use designer tool for your home. The Interactive mode either keeps you on the edge of your seat, or gives pure relaxation, depending on what you choose to bring on screen. This combination of amusement and the splendor of color and light turns your house even more into a home.

ARFX is entertainment. Nevertheless, the lighting system is also a functional improvement in your everyday life, for it enables you to decorate your surroundings along the lines of your individual taste and personality. The benefits of more light, color, relaxation and excitement are evident. ARFX is a high quality and affordable digital product that fits right into today’s cutting edge interactive, digital communication. A good example for upcoming new features for ARFX owners is the E-Mail Notification - an upgrade will soon be available for download via this website. Under the new feature, ARFX interlinks with your existing mailbox, and signals each time you receive a new message by pulsing out a certain color of your choice. Other future upgrades we are currently working on include the Light Avatar as Mood Indicator for Instant Messenger, where you get to create and send a color that reflects your current mood via popular instant message applications to your friends. The possibilities and features of ARFX grow constantly and through this site, and our periodic newsletter, we keep you informed on latest developments and available downloads and products.